Foundation Courses - Access Route:

If you have completed your secondary education but do not meet the general entrance requirements of the University of London, the Access Route enables you to be accepted into a degree programme as an External student.

You must take two course units and pass both to complete successfully the Access route. The period of study is one year, and you will be examined to the same standard as the foundation units of the degrees awarded by the University of London.

On successful completion of the Access Route you can transfer your registration to the degree of your choice with credit for the units you have passed. You will be able to continue your studies in one of the LSC-led BSc degree programmes offered at or in another university programme.

The following units of study are offered on the Access route:

  • Introduction to Business and Management

  • Principles of Economics

  • Introduction to International Relations

  • Principles of Sociology

  • Mathematics (half unit)

  • Statistics (half unit)

  • Economic History in the 20th Century

To be eligible to register for the Access route, please note that all applications are considered individually on merit.

Non-native English speaking students enrolled on the Access route might find it useful to undertake additional studies in academic and written English.

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