Bachelor in Business Management:

Málaga Business College offers first and second year university courses adapted to the Bologna system of education. It allows you to begin a degree-level programme in Business Management at our College in Costa del Sol and earn ECTS [European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System] credits. Then you can transfer to a major Spanish University or any other University abroad with an accredited degree to complete your studies.

Our two-year Diploma Programme is up-to-the minute with current knowledge and principles of business management. By itself it is useful to take as a step forward in one's career. You will be equipped with skills applicable to the work place.

Programme structure

The following is an outline of the two-year programme offered by Málaga Business College as a pathway to an accredited degree in Business Management:

   First Year
       First Semester:
  • Business and Management I [6 ECTS]
  • Mathematics for Business and Economics I [3 ECTS]
  • Statistics I [3 ECTS]
  • Microeconomics [6 ETCS]
  • Principles of Accounting I [3 ETCS]
  • The Spanish/European Business Environment (seminar) [9 ECTS]
       Second Semester:
  • Business and Management II [6 ECTS]
  • Mathematics for Business and Economics II [3 ECTS]
  • Statistics II [3 ECTS]
  • Macroeconomics [6 ECTS]
  • Principles of Accounting II [3 ECTS]
  • The Spanish/Global Economy (seminar) [9 ECTS]
   Second Year
       First Semester:
  • Principles of Marketing [6 ECTS]
  • Management Acconting [6 ECTS)
  • Organisational Behaviour [6 ECTS]
  • Commercial Law [6 ECTS]]
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation [6 ECTS]
       Second Semester:
  • Financial Accounting [6 ECTS]
  • Strategic Management [6 ECTS]
  • Corporate Social Responsibility [6 ECTS]
  • Business Report (Company-based Student Project) [12 ECTS]

Classes run from the end of September till May, three hours per week for each full course.


You will be assessed through course work, class participation and a final examination in accordance with the norms of the Bologna education system. At the end of the programme you will have to present a business report based on an analysis of a particular company.

You should pass the courses you take each semester in order to earn ECTS credits. Each semester you may earn 30 ECTS credits towards your degree. A certificate will be issued with your ECTS credit points.

Admission requirements

Applicants will need to be educated to degree level and/or have relevant work experience, demonstrate keen interest in business management, and provide proof of proficiency in English. See also Entrance Requirements for the University of London Bachelor Degrees under "Admission".

University transfer

When you terminate your studies at our College, you will be offered advice and help to make a transfer to a university or private college with an accredited degree.

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