University Diplomas for Graduates - Diploma for Graduates in International Development:

The main focus of development studies is on economic growth, poverty eradication and political reform at the global level and in the developing world in particular.

This programme for graduates, developed by academics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), aims to provide you with a solid foundation in the principles of development. It also serves as a basis for developing analytical and communication skills for a wide range of real world professional situations.

Students of development studies often choose careers in international organisations such as the United Nations or the World Bank, non-governmental organisations, development consultancy firms, and research centres.

To complete the study programme and earn a diploma qualification in International Development from the University of London, you must pass the course units listed below:

  • World Development.

  • Complex Emergencies and Humanitarian Responses.

  • Development Management.

  • International Security.

Students at attend classes three hours per week for each subject.

Examinations are held once a year in May/June. External students’ examinations are assessed by academics from the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) to the same standard as the students at LSE in London.

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